The Big Bertha Road Chef 12v Oven is taking things to another level.

As the name indicated the Big Bertha is BIG, on the inside at least! It has a huge 13l cooking volume, so it is almost twice the volume of the Road Chefs 6.6l. As you can imagine we needed more heat to fill this area, so we ramped the element up to 10A and put not one but TWO in it. One in the traditional place at the bottom of the oven, and the second one on the TOP, providing a more consistent even cook throughout the oven. Not satisfied with just having two elements we made it adjustable through a third knob, so you can choose BOTH elements, just the TOP, or just the BOTTOM according to what you are cooking or your power requirements. When running BOTH it has a 20A draw so there is no cigarette lighter plug provided (just Anderson plug) with Big Bertha and a minimum 6mm2 wiring is required, jumping up to 8mm2 for distances greater than 2m return.

Bertha is larger than the Road Chef, but not significantly so and weighs only 8kgs. We beefed up the mounting brackets making them longer, with three securing hooks and two attachment holes, so no matter how rough it gets you can have confidence in it. Due to the extra heat, we improved the door insulation keeping it cool on the outside. She comes with the two standard telescopic baking racks, but we have also included a custom designed stainless steel baking tray that hangs on the top rail. The tray is designed with air circulation in mind that creates a quicker, more even cook.



Big Bertha includes tie down clamps that can be used to securely attach it in your vehicle, boat, or the like. There are slots at the top and bottom of the oven allowing you to secure it to a shelf or roof of your vehicle. Simply insert the three prongs into the slots in the side of the oven and screw the brackets down. 




The oven is insulated on 5 sides using fibreglass insulation. This should keep the outside temperature below 40C although this can vary depending on the ambient temperature. The door is double insulated through a double wall and silicone inner which minimises its ability to heat it up. However, over a longer cook or in an area with reduced ventilation it may become hot and care should be taken.

While BIG BERTHA is an oven, it is a 12-volt oven, not a 240-volt oven like you have in your house. While it is very efficient at turning 12 volts of energy into heat so that you can bake, roast, and reheat, on the road, it is not a 240-volt oven, so it is important not to expect the same performance. It will take about 20/30 minutes to preheat your oven to 150 degrees C. After the first 20/30 minutes the incremental increase in temperature reduces to about 10 degrees per 10 minutes with the maximum temperature achieved after about 50 60 minutes. The more food you put in your oven, and the lower the temperature (if its frozen or room temperature) the longer the cooking time will be.

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