Famous Flat-Out Reels!

Our porttable (AS4020 rated), Australian made, lay-flat caravan, marine, and commercial hoses have abrasion resistant polyester woven jacket, polyurethane (PU) lining and brass snap-on fittings. With a 19mm diameter, our hose has high capacity and boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating (PN14 - over 5x mains pressure). The highly durable construction of the hose  ensures a long product life and provides you with the premium connection to your drinking water supply.

Stored neatly on our Multi-Reel, these flexible hoses are exceptionally user friendly, and space saving. Connect your hose at one end, hold the Multi-Reel handle and walk away to unspool. Setup has never been this easy. As you re-wind, water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage.

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