Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy.

Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. Of course if you have another strap handy, you can easily secure your Multi-Reels together with that one, we simply make this product for you in the right length for convenience, and in a fluorescent colour so you can find it!

The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long orange loop and 10cm black hook section. It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

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