HM-WOZ4 4-Channel WOZA Connector Cable

A premium grade connector, the HM-WOZ4 is a 4-channel connector cable that provides durable and reliable connection for all WOZA-enabled equipment. Used in conjunction with the HM-WOZCBL coiled WOZA cable, this 4-channel WOZA cable connector can support up to 4 cameras. Its 6-pin gold-plated connector also ensures reliable connection at all times. The connector cable is suitable for use with CVBS and AHD camera technology and is both 12V and 24V compatible for use with trailers, caravans and other towing gear. Dust and waterproof, the connector cable works well in all weather conditions.


Supports up to 4 rear cameras

Used in conjunction with the WOZA Coiled Cable, the 4-channel WOZA connector cable can support up to 4 cameras.


CVBS/AHD Compatible

The cable connector cable is compatible for use with both CVBS and AHD camera technology.


Heavy-duty 6-pin Connector

The heavy-duty gold-plated 6-pin connector ensures all connections with the cameras are firmly secured even when towing caravans, trailers or boats with your vehicle.



  • CVBS/AHD Compatible
  • Gold-plated 6-pin Connector
  • 12V/24V Compatible
  • Supports up to 4 rear cameras
  • Compatible for use with Hema HM-CAM15 and HM-CAM202 rear cameras, and HM-MNT 4-channel display monitor


In the box

  • 4-channel WOZA Connector Cable
  • User Manual

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