Wire-free 4G FULL HD, Weatherproof Cellular Camera

Uniden introduces a 100% wire-free 4G cellular smart security camera. Including features such as Cloud & SD Backup, Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery, Starlight Night Vision, Solar Power and FULL HD 1080P recording abilities, the App Cam Solo 4G is in a class of its own.

The App Cam 4G allows for 100% flexibility using a 4G Cellular Connection with a 4G Micro Sim Card (Subscription with Carrier Required Data Only). With a Weatherproof Design, the App Cam Solo 4G can be placed anywhere from building sites, caravan spots, marinas, farms and agricultural locations where keeping an eye on property is essential.

The 4G Cellular Connectivity allows you to protect your property, watch animals and valuable equipment without the need for installing long cabling. The flexibility of the App Cam Solo 4G allows users to place the camera almost anywhere outdoor, overlooking critical farming equipment, feeding hoppers in remote paddocks, keeping an eye on a boat at its mooring, watching over a caravan in a caravan park and outdoor equipment while out on a trek or watching over a building site with valuable equipment. Simply choose a data plan from your preferred carrier and insert their supplied sim card to the App Cam Solo 4G and you can view the camera through your smartphone from anywhere in the app through the Uniden Solo app.

A complete wire-free security solution; the App Cam Solo 4G includes a large capacity (7800mAh) rechargeable battery that ensures long battery life using advanced power-saving technology and low battery notifications. The battery can be charged either directly via a power outlet or with the optional Uniden Solar Panel accessory. The solar panel can charge up the camera in daylight conditions to ensure your cameras battery is always fully charged.

Featuring Thermo Sense Technology (Heat and Movement Sensor) means users can avoid common false alarm triggers such as branches moving with the breeze with its smart heat sensor that detects motion from heat sources including people and animals. This provides you with more genuine and smart motion detection notifications when using the free-to-download Uniden Solo app. Users can use this app to trigger a siren that is built into the camera and even enable a two-way talk feature to listen in to whats going on and talk back through the built-in microphone and speaker to deter unwanted visitors.

Footage can be recorded and viewed in FULL HD 1080P and accessed from anywhere and anytime around the world via the Uniden Solo App. Material can be stored directly to an SD card for local storage or on the Uniden Cloud for offsite storage; ensuring important moments are captured and available for replay when required.

The App Cam Solo 4G provides a wider field of vision, covers more area and reduces blind spots with its 110 degree viewing angle. Capture the smallest details with ease in very low light conditions and without extra lighting infrastructure within 10 metres with advanced starlight technology (2 Megapixels Starlight CMOS Image Sensor). This feature gives clearer and sharper live streaming and recording. Receive intelligent alerts through push notifications, email and sound alerts to notify authorities at any given time.

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