This high quality panel has a much higher efficiency and power output compared to previous models with the same physical size. This means you can get more power without having to add more panels, brackets, and hardware to get more power from your solar installation. The manufacturing process for this range uses 36 pieces of 156x156mm A-grade solar cells cut into defined sizes with 5 grid lines. This provides excellent performance under low light environments, producing 2-3% more power and higher kWh/kW ratio compared to older monocrystalline designs. The durable anodised aluminium frame holds the tempered glass panel, which features anti-reflective and a self-cleaning glass surface to reduce power loss from dirt and dust. The junction box and a bypass diodes stop the panel from overheating and suffering from the "hot spot effect". MC4 PV on 900mm leads make them easy to install. A fantastic panel with minimal ongoing maintenance and compatible with industry standard inverters and mounting systems.



  • 4mm PV Connector (MC4 Style)
  • Bypass diode included
  • Made with tempered glass


  • Max Power Output: 170W
  • Max Power Voltage (Vpm): 18.85V
  • Max Power Current (lpm): 9.02A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 22.62V
  • Dimensions (mm): 680(w) x 35(h) x 1480(l)




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